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Aughton Village Hall - Bar Handbook

The bar handbook is designed to make staff aware of how the village hall operates, sets down our operating procedures, policies, the standards we strive to achieve and the ultimate aim for the bar. A set of management guide appendix are available covering till management, pricing, licensing, cash control, cellar management and duty management.

About Aughton Village Hall

Aughton Village Hall serves the local community of Aughton providing an important hosting space. The bar has been a part of the village hall from the start and forms a key part making the village hall an attractive and good value private hire venue. It is important the bar keeps pace with the time and provides the best service to customers and hirers.


Chair Eunice Wolf  
Bar Treasurer Richard Wilson Responsible for the bars financial situation and for ensuring the stock is managed correctly.
Hall Treasurer Alan Bristow  
Secretary Susan Watkinson  

Opening Up

  • Enter through the outer cellar
  • Unlock the bar door, enter and deactuvate the alarm
  • Ensure there is nothing suspicious on premise
  • Empty bottle bins (if time permits)
  • Fridges chilling (turned on)
  • Check: Bar fridge fully stocked, tidy & labels facing forward
  • Side fridge suitably stocked especially wine
  • Cellar tidy
  • Delivery brought in a tidied away
  • All spirits checked
  • If there running very low get the spare ready
  • Bring in barrels to the cellar
  • Cellar
  • Kegs Connected & Secure
  • Cellar Boys Floating with BEER
  • Gases on: Mixed & CO2
  • Pressure gauges correct
  • Check syrup level
  • Diet Coke, Coca-Cola, Lemonade
  • Empty water barrel
  • Cash Control
  • Till(s) counted
  • Bar Float Checked
  • Bar log book completed
  • Till check sheets verified
  • Till in draw
  • Till switched on
  • Back & Front Bar
  • Hot water on
  • All glasses and washing up put away
  • Box for bottles under the bar
  • Waste bucket under the bar
  • Bin bag in bin
  • Bar runners (mats) x4 out and facing forward
  • Beer Pulled through on bar
  • Check all drip trays and nozels are present
  • Empty bottle bin placed under sink
  • Fridge doors clean
  • Switch bar fridge light on
  • Lemon & Lime cut (as required)
  • Ensure the bar is clean, tidy and presentable

Closing Procedure

The following procedures should be performed in advance of the venue closing, in preparation for the end of the function.

The bar must be left ready to serve customers with the following exceptions:

  • Draught lines should contain water if the venue is close for over 3 days
  • Bar Fridge(s) should be switched off when thr venue is closed for over 3 days


  • Spirits restocked
  • Wine fridge/self restocked
  • Bar Fridge Restocked
  • Cellar Tidy - no open case in the cellar
  • Stock Order Complete
  • Fruit juices dated/disposed
  • Wastage recorded (log book)


  • Till(s) Cashed Up
  • Till(s) counted
  • Float sheet done
  • Bar Book (Close Till Float)
  • Till reading done
  • Daily: [AT/TL], 4[AT/TL], PLU
  • Log Book
  • PLU FOA Manager
  • Weekly: [AT/TL], 4[AT/TL]
  • Calculate Takings
  • In log book
  • Deposit takings & Notes Float
  • Coin float
  • Log book
  • Cellar
  • Beer lines returned to water (unless they are being next day or day after)
  • Gas isolated CO2 & Mixed
  • Barrels removed
  • Syrups not empty or low
  • No leaks
  • Buckets emptied
  • Back & Front Bar
  • Lemon & Lime
  • Disposed of excess cut lemon & lime
  • Refrigerating whole lemons and limes
  • Cleaned chopping board, knife, left to drain
  • Washed all (used) measures
  • Washed all glasses
  • Washed all drip trays
  • Nozzles: Wash Drain Leave in DRY GLASS
  • Late glasses: rinsed, not left dirty, then left on the RIGHT (dirty) side of the sink


  • Shutters secure
  • Bar hatch locked
  • Fridges :
  • Bar on light off
  • Side off or on – Check!
  • Everything secure
  • Leave till draw open
  • Switch off POS system
  • Mop bar floor and cellar floor
  • Till slips left in till draw
  • Prepare a bar order
  • Set the alarm - Press A
  • Lock both doors

Dispose of glass bottles, except if its after 9pm


Incidents: An incident Alarms Company: ADT The bar alarm is protected by ADT

Contact: Alan Bristow Phone:


Aughton Village Hall has a number of systems associated with the buisness of private hire and licensed retail. These systems could have issues or failures during a function causing disruption to the buisness.

Fault/failures are graded as:

A problem causing no immediate disruption
A problem causing minor disruption to bar/party operations
Bar Operations are severely limited
Bar Operations cannot continue

Draught Soft Drinks

POS System The POS system is managed Martyn Bristow (Bar Manager) as part of the in house IT


Contact Products Diagnostics Phone Website Email Notes  
Martyn POS System Internal Web 07825 165420  
ADT Alarm System          
Heinken Draught beer: Fosters, John Smiths   0345 878 7071     Managed by inserve: 0345 111 2222
Coca-cola Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Soda 01908 822 228   Part No: 2185105 of coca-cola


Requested to be updated Aughton Village Hall, L39 5DH - this has been registers incorrectly as L39 6DJ


Alan Bristow Martyn Bristow: 07825165420 Hall: 01695 423148


Aughton Village Hall is a licensed premise under the Licensing Act 2003.

ALL licensed premise are subject to specifiec Mandatory Conditions of the premise license as detailed in the local licensing policy.

Refusal Policy

Aughton Village Hall operates a refusals policy to ensure the safety and well being our guests, in accordance with our licensing conditions.

Guests should be politely refused service for alchol if they:

  • Appear to be under are under 21 and unable to prove they are over 18.
  • Unfit through alcohol consumption

Any guest who is abusive and/or threatening violence should be refused bar service.

At the duty managers discretion they can be requested to leave the premise. The duty manager (license or appointed deputy) have the right to eject anyone from the premise, without giving reason.

The duty managers decision is final, hirers cannot object to ejections. The police can be called if an individual fails to leave.

Duty managers are required to record refusal and objection with good reason.

Age Verification

We operate a Challenge 21 Policy at most events, however the licnese reserves the right to operate a challenge 25 policy.


All refusals must be recorded using the refusals procudure:

  • Record the refusal on the POS System
  • Record the refusal in the bar log book

Incidents and Accidents

Any incident with respect to the licensed premise MUST be recorded, and reported to the Designated Premise Supervisor.

In the event of an accidentSubmit an accident form and report to the management committee but ammonised versions should be submitted to the DPS immediately.

Incidents induced by alcohol: For example conflict, fight or sickness. Request suitable assistance e.g. Police, Ambulance, Security, Caretaker/Management

Test Purchases

If any test purchase is made by the licensing authority or the police, the Designated Premise Supervisor must be informed immediatly.

Licensing Authorities

The Police and/or Licensing Authorities (Licensing Officers from West Lancashire District Council, Trading Standards, Food Hygiene) may without notice inspect the premise. In this instance please alert the DPS and show them details from the bar file where necessary.


Aughton Village Hall is operates an ocasional bar, it is not open daily or necessarily weekly. The Daily, Weekly and Monthly cleaning needs are industry best prqctise and need to be related to our schedule, which changes.


After EVERY function


Daily Weekly Line clean Occasional Monthly Wipe/Disinfect all glass shelves Brasso Beer Heads Clean Mirrors


Updated: April 2016

Age Pay
24 £8.10
16-24 £7.00

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