Emergency Procedures

Aughton Village Hall is a large venue hosting classes and small groups through the week, and parties & events at the weekend.

Private Hire

Small meetings such as a choir rehursal or U3A meeting operate as private hire events run by the host group. The host group or individual is repsonsible for all activities and individuals present

Bar Staff: Not affected

Licensable Activities

Functions which involve licensed activities such as entertainment, which are included under the Licensing Act, but don’t involve the bar. A small number of functions have DJ’s or other forms of entertainment, but are hosted by private individuals or groups without the involvement of the hall. Any issues occurring are the responsibility for the hirers, however the Premise License Holder can still be held accountable. The Dispensing Premise supervisor forbids the provision of alcohol without prior consent, the sale of alcohol and supply of alcohol to minors. License: Required to

Bar Staff:

Bar Functions

Emergency: Defined as the immediate threat to personal saftey and life.

Not Emergencies: Beer not dispensing corretly, Stage electrical failure

While the bar is open the bar staff represent Aughton Village Hall, and are responsible for assisting guests to provide a good atmosphere.Risk assesments have been caried our and are updated, which pro

If you respond to any emergency:

  • Secure bar area: * Close till drawers (cash security) * Lock the bar hatch (reduce access to the bar) you don’t need to lock the bar - The bar is not a public area and contains hazards which the public must be protected from.

Request Assistance


Discovering a Fire

Fire Alarm

False Alarm


Evacuation Procedure

Bar Hazards


If a guest becomes ill, the hirer is responsible for their well being, as Aughton Village Hall don’t provide First Aid. The first aid kit is for personal use only and members of staff cannot treat guests acting as Aughton Village Hall. Staff with independent first aid training can do their duty as individuals, but cannot be seen as providing First Aid for Aughton Village Hall however can help individauls.

Minor Injuries

Cuts, bruises and falls Any minor injuiry is the responsibility of the individual

Major Injuries

Provide primary support, and contact 999 for help</p>

Life Threatening

  • Provide primary support
  • Dial 999 - State you are at Aughton Village Hall, L39 5DH
  • Aughton Village Hall has a public access defibrillator for public use located outside the hall, the 999 operator can provide the access code

Bar Staff:


Public: If a member of the public alerts the hall of an incident, or members of staff become aware of an issue occurring in the immediate area.

Bar Area

All bar risks are assessed under Risk Assessments identifying the risk and action to take.


In the event of any incident emergency it must be immediately reported to a hall representative, and a written report must be made to the bar manager, and included to the hall secretary as soon as practical. Bar Staff should always contact the bar manager or allocated contact to inform them of the incident. A written report is required to allow management to asses the situation, understand if procedures could be improved and ensure the hall has a statement of events incase of reprisal

  • Form: Aughton Village Hall - Incident Report Form
  • Contact: Martyn Bristow