Bar Management


Draught Beers

  • Fosters
  • John Smiths

Bottled Beers and RTDs

  • Budweiser
  • Peroni
  • Corona
  • Desparadoes
  • Draught Guiness (can)
  • Bottled Ales [1]
  • Magners
  • Kopparberg Mixed Fruits
  • WKD Blue
  • Becks Alcohol Free

Spirits and Fortified Wines


  • Gordon’s Gin
  • Bombay Saphire gin
  • Smirnoff Vodka
  • Bacardi
  • Malibu
  • Bells Whisky
  • Famous Grouse Whisky
  • Jamesons Irish Whisky
  • Morgans Spiced Rum
  • Lambs Navy Rum
  • Southern Comfort
  • Brandy
  • Tia Maria
  • Jack Daniels


  • Sambucca
  • Tequila
  • Jagermiester

Fortified Wines

  • Dry Martini
  • Martini Bianco
  • Martini Rosso
  • Sherry


House Wine

Hardys (White and Red)

Rose Wine - White Zinfandel

Guest Wine

We offer a selection of Guest Wines which we change frequently. [2] Guest Red Wines Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rioja

Guest White Wine: Wolf Blast Chardonny, Pinot Gregio

Soft Drinks

  • Coca-cola
  • Diet Coke
  • Lemonade
  • Orange Juice
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Cordial: Lime, Blackcurrant and Orange
  • Appletizer
  • Bottled Coca-Cola
  • Tonic Water
  • Slimline Tonic
  • Canada Dry
  • Redbull

J20: Apple and Mango, Apple and Raspberry, Orange and Passionfruit

Still and Sparkling Bottled Water (330ml + 750ml)

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee is also available

[1]We offer a varied selection which changes frequently including our favourites Black Sheep and Hobgoblin
[2]We offer our house wines and a selection of guest wines by the glass (125ml and 250ml). All wines are available to buy by the bottle.


We try to keep all our products in all the time, but sometimes we may run out or have a technical problem serving a problem. We may offer a substitute product in such circumstances.

To ensure we have sufficent stock and staff available please provide accuracte expected numbers of guests when booking the hall. We do our best to arrange staffing accoring to information provided.

We politely request you don’t bring your own drinks when the bar is open unless you have prior arrangement with the bar manager. Except you may provide Tea and Coffee and kids drinks and you can provide your own wine provided corkage is paid and prior arrangements are made with the Bar Manager.

Mandatory Licensing Conditions

Under the Licensing Act 2003

Age Verification Policy Dis Small Measures

Dispensing Premise Supervisor

The nominated Dispensing Premise Supervisor for Aughton Village Hall is: Martyn Bristow

Address: 33 Hampden Road, Birkenhead CH42 5LH

E-mail: /

Mobile: 07825 165 420

Authorised Product List

Only the following products, listed below have been authorised for purchase and sale with Aughton Village Hall. These products have been chosen to meet the purchasing criteria.

New Products

Any new product or brand to be purchased needs to be requested first.

A new product is any item of either a different type, variety, size or brand!


Aims and Objectives

  1. Words such as “Aughton Village Hall will enhance the hiring function by providing a licensed bar offering a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, served by friendly and well-trained/qualified staff or volunteers. AVH will ensure that the bar is properly licensed and that the sale/consumption of alcohol is in accordance with current legislation.”
  2. Stock will be purchased at the best available prices to give the widest possible range compatible with turnover. Return on investment must be positive, i.e. it will cover costs. All surplus income will be reinvested in the hall. Losses will be minimised by careful stock control. All staff will be trained and updated on the Licensing Laws and any issues of food handling.

Cash Control Policy

The Aughton Village Hall Bar handles are large number of cash transactions, this cash is property of Aughton Village Hall. To minimise any potential cash loss from the buisness the following cash control policy is in place. The cash control policy is non-negotiable and applies to anyone that handels cash.

Cash Controller: Hall Treasurer (Alan Bristow)


  • Minimise Cash Loss
  • Promote Accountability
  • Clear Audit Trail
  • Simplicity

Till Allocations

Staff are to be allocated a till for their shift, staff are to remain on there allocated till(s) and must not use any other till without authorisation from the cash officer. The cash officer, is a supervisor or manager, trained in cash handelling, that is responsible for the all cash on the premise at any time. Their can only be 1 cash officer allocated at a time. A change in cash officer requires the cash to be transfered between individuals, and this should be conducted by performing a cash check for all open sources of cash (floats, tills and takings).

Till Checks


Bar £500 Provide extra cash to the bar as required
Till 1 £200 Primary till float
Till 2 £100 Second till float
Cash Total £10 £5 £2 £1 50p 20p 10p 5p 2p 1p Notes
Bar £400   £100(20) £100(5) £100(5) £40(4) £40(4) £20(2)       () Number of bags
Till 1 £200 £100(10) £50 (10) £10(10) £20(10) £15(30) £2(10) £2(20) 60p(12) 30p(15) 10p(10) Variable
Till 1 £200 £100(10) £50 (10) £10(10) £20(10) £15(30) £2(10) £2(20) 60p(12) 30p(15) 10p(10) Fixed
Till 2 £100 £30 (3) £25 (5) £10 (5) £20(20) £10(10) £2(10) £2(20) £1(20)     No 2/1ps

Total: £700 - Cash floats on site

Paying In

Money is paid in upstream,


The designated “cash officer” for a function will take responsibility for the relevant cash they are to access and they are to verify the recorded cash is present

Cash Discripencies

Recording Losses Any losses of cash MUST be recorded in the bar log book, aloing wi Accepted Losses Cash erros should be minimal and less that 1% of the total turnover

Cash Validation

Card Validation

Corkage Policy

Aughton Village Hall requests that corkage is paid if a customer provides there own drinks, while the bar is open

  • £1.50 per opened bottle
  • £2.00 per opened bottle with glasses provided. [#glasses]
[3]Glass Provision: 6 glasses per opened bottle, to be used for wine or champagne.


Aughton Village Hall is enforces a Challenge 25 Policy as required by licensing law. We advise all guests to bring ID if they feel they may appear to be under 25.

Please be aware it is a criminal offense to “Supply Alcohol” to anyone under the 18. As a responsible venue we are required to ensure all guests consuming alcohol are over the legal drinking age.