The Aughton Village Hall bar stocks a variety of prodcuts to meet the needs of our varied client base. All products have been selected

Product: A product line is defined as a unit sold to a customer, either as components or a whole product. It reflects is described by the variety and brand.

Product Example: Corona, Smirnoff Vodka

Product Criteria

For a product to be purchsed for sale it must meet the following criteria:

The product must be able to deliver the minimum expected markup for the cost of serving
Brand Image
The produst must benifit the brand image to indicate quality
The product must not undercut any product on sale, preventing it from selling, unless the product has been deprecated
Projected sales should see the entire stock used within 50% of its shelf life.



Aughton Village Hall is driving to be a quality venue, our drinks selection MUST reflect this. Subsitutions for cheaper alternatives should not be made.


All new products must under-go a product trial at a subtable event with a small quantity, to minimise any potential losses.


Products that are not selling well, cannot be stocked becuase they go out of date, discontinued by the supplier or replaced by a new product should be marked as deperecated.