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The Aughton Village

Use of Windows XP - Due to the legacy nature of the system we have introduced, the tills run Windows XP and cannot be upgraded to Windows 7.

The systems may be switched to running CentOS Linux if possible with the touch screens.



The Aughton Village Hall website is currently hosted by a 3rd party on there infrustructure and is covered by the hosting SLA. The server run high specification http server, and is protected by SSL, this provides privacy to customers viewing our content and any messages they send though the site to us.


Aughton Village Hall has a corporate email solution available, mailboxes are only assigned for bar at present because 3rd party webmail was in use


When sending an email, be cautious about the use of attachments. Malicous code is often distributed by email. Opening files on your computer or tablet devices has the potential to run malicious code. Exploits have been distributed by Zip files, Word Documents and PDFs, as well as simple EXE files.

Opening Attachments

Never open an e-mail attachment your are not expecting or believe is suspicious.

Never open

Sending Attachements

  • NEVER send e-mail attachments containing zip archives. * If you need to send large or multiple attachments send them via sharing service such as Dropbox instead.
  • NEVER send doc or xls attachments * These formats have been deprecated and contain security risks from macros * If you MUST send documents send docx or xlsx formats instead, these * Send PDF attachments instead (these are safer but still can be a risk)


Data Protection

The Data Protection Act covers the retnetion of any data which is considered to be identifiable to an individual.

As a representative of Aughton Village Hall, the organisation is responsible for the data retention of customer information.

Customer Data: This can be, but is NOT limited to:

  • Individuals hiring the Village Hall
  • Banking information
  • Names, contct information and addresses


Aughton Village Hall has a wifi hotspot usable by hirers, guests and staff. The wifi is protected by a WPA2 Personal shared key.