Winter Bar Brief


Winter Focus Points

Please try to remember these core focus points when serving our customers. Its important to give the customers the best experience we can and try to reduce losses.

Reduce the amount draught beer being lost, pulling pints takes time! Always tilt your glass and let the beer settle! All wastag from the drip trays is to be recorded.
Working Clean
Keep the bar area clean and clear at all times, if you make a spill try and wipe it up as soon as possible. Keep a damp cloth on the draining board ready.
Perfect Serve
Remember the PERFECT SERVE!
Product Knowledge
Know what you sell!

Perfect Serve

  • Always use a clean and dry glass. Check for lip stick and cracks
  • Where appropriate use a branded glass
  • Hold the glass at the base only, never touch the rim!
  • Soft Drinks: Ice, Product and Garnish!
  • Draught Beer: Tilt at 45o, straighten as the glass fills and let it settle


Please be careful and try to minimise any wastage/breakage.

  • Draught - Take your time and always let it settle
  • Soft Drinks - Use 2 cubes of ice unless the customer requests none
  • Till - Ring in the order as you go along
  • Report - Report any actual wastage on the daily recording sheet, it will be accounted for in any stock loss
  • Free Drinks - If a drink is changed or re-served or for any reason not paid for, ring it through thr till cashing off as free (Manager Function). This will record the product being served and the stock item used. A receipt should be printed with a note stating why it was free.

Product Knowlege

By knowing your products you can help boast sales.

  • Wine - We offer a range of wines. See the tasting notes