Aughton Village Hall Authorisation to Serve

I Martyn Bristow (Personal Licence holder: 000004589 ) authorise to serve beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks at Aughton Village Hall according to the Bar Handbook, the Weights and Measures Act (1985) and the Challenge 21 Policy.

I understand it is a criminal offense to supply alcohol to people under the age of 18. I understand the need to request proof of age from any customer who appears to be under 21, in accordance with the Challenge 21 Policy. I also understand that anyone who may have had too much should be declined service in a polite way, the manager informed and it reported on the POS system. I understand that all drinks must be served in the correct measure (Spirits: 25ml, Fortified Wines 50ml & Wine: 125ml) I understand Aughton Village Hall adopts a zero tolerance policy with respect to drugs and such incidents should be dealt with the duty manager. I will report any incident involving customers who are not able to prove their age, drunk or suspected of drugs to the Dispensing Premise Supervisor by the agreed procedure, and I will report all incidents via the ‘Incident Report Form’.

Valid until: 31st Decemeber 2016

Dispensing Premise Supervisor Signed Date Martyn Bristow Staff Name: Signed: Date: